Unconditional Love In Jonathan Sheff's Memoir

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Speaking for myself, I thoroughly enjoyed this memoir and would recommend it to anyone. While Sheff recounts books that he had read about dealing with an addict, he says it, “showed [him] that it is possible to love a child who is lost” (11). This stuck out to me, as it shows the definition of unconditional love. Nic brought his family, or more importantly his father, to hell and back multiple times, but Sheff never fully gave up on him or stopped loving him, despite the pain he put them through. Throughout the memoir, Sheff’s need for Nic to become sober increases and with this, the raw desperation is also shown as he says he, “wish[es] for a near miss for Nic” (274). Through Sheff’s descriptions of Nic, it is clear that he is a bright boy
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