Unconditional Love In Wonder Theme

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Imagine… Not being able to walk down the street without a sea of faces, scared and afraid, some laughing… Imagine. The sharp points of index fingers, like guns, shooting bullets of humiliation, embarrassment and indignity. The novel Wonder by RJ Palacio is written about a boy with a severe deformity: Treacher Collins syndrome. (TCS) This boy, August Pullman, experiences these horrific situations every day. Wonder demonstrates how August Pullman draws strength from his family to overcome numerous challenges, to experience unconditional love. Wonder also demonstrates how other characters such as Miranda and Olivia (August’s sister) Draws strengths family to overcome challenges and accept themselves. If one wants to understand the concept of love, the book Wonder by RJ Palacio clearly illustrates the importance and the positive and powerful influence of family. Despite August’s severe deformity he experiences unconditional love from his family and eventually his family of friends. This shows how his family’s love him for who he is not how he looks. They can go deeper, and find his beautiful personality and not be shallow enough to over-rule him just because he appearance does not perform to modern day definitions. Their love for August (or Auggie as he is often referred to) is so strong and so pure it is unlimited and free. Therefore, giving him the support he needs when he needs, as shown in this quote: “Mom says by then, they had told her all about me. She had been preparing
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