Uncovering Lou Gehrig's Disease

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The life of Lou Gehrig will always be remembered. He is one of the greatest 1920’s icons anyone is ever going to see. He was one of the first to get ALS which is also name after him as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease”. One of the most famous quotes he made before he died of this was on the 4th of July where he said, “Fans, for the past two weeks you have been reading about a bad break I got. Yet today I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth”. The quote is so famous it is still well-known today and defines the meaning of his life. He feels terrible about how he was diagnosed and he touched many with his story. Lou Gehrig was born in 1903. He was born in Yorkville, New York City, New York.His parents’ names were…show more content…
Mostly, if not all his talent came his hard work and dedication that he put into his career. Again, his career really started off when he became the star player of his high school where he would earn his scholarship to Columbia University and be their top player. The things that made him stand out from other baseball players so much was his athleticism, skill, and especially his strength that had when he would step up to the plate to bat. The life experiences he had from baseball are ones that nobody will ever forget. It really seemed like he was the top dog of the pack. There were many barriers he needed to cross to get there although. The biggest one was when he had to join the Yankees and he had to fight for his starting job to play at first base. At the time, the starting job was held by a man named, but after the Yankees got to see more out of Lou Gehrig, they awarded him with the starting job. Obviously, everybody knows Lou Gehrig was the famous baseball player for the New York Yankees. He had many achievements to showcase how good he was while playing for them. He made many records from batting and hitting homeruns beside his sidekick Babe Ruth. They both hit the most homeruns out of anybody in the league in the 1920’s. Although he also became famous for his name being associated with a disease known as ALS. This disease was the cause…show more content…
It made many people support him in his sad and frightening time of need. So many people were brought together for giving their love for one of the greats of all time. Who would have thought that a disaster like this would bring so many together. This man had made his career well known for being spoken out for his great hitting records and of course playing for one of, if not, the greatest team to ever exist, The 1920’s New York Yankees. Not many people could do what he did. Be a very famous athlete and touch the lives of others at the same time. Lou Gehrig had a lot of intelligence and kindness that he shared with the world. Not many people could say that they experienced what he did when he was alive. Although, if I were to apply his experiences into my life, I would try to work hard at being a good person and dedicate myself at what will want to do with my life in the future. No matter what happened to Lou Gehrig in the end, he will always be remembered to be The Iron Horse, one of the greatest baseball players to play the
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