Undecided Voters Analysis

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David Setaris wrote an important reflection and criticisms about the undecided voters in the American elections. Information is crucial for all voters when making the decision about which candidate will be better as leader for the American people. Analyzing the candidate platform, their point of view, and perspectives are important things to look for when making the right decision .Undecided and confused voters are an easily influential target, who end up making the wrong decision .Political affiliation and decisions are individual rights that should always be respected. The author’s opinion about the undecided voters and how they could damage the destiny of the nation making the wrong decision is something we should all be worried about.…show more content…
Undecided and confused voters are a very influential target to make decisions in favor of a candidate that is not good for us .Some people take advantage of them and offer favors and false promises to get votes for their candidates. Also, the family uses influential tools to persuade other family members to support their political party without considering the “Vote“ as a right , a personal and private decision .Therefore, political affiliation and decision are individual rights that should be always…show more content…
People are concern about many topics, but the main ones always are the economy including job opportunity, salary increments, housing and immigration. On the other hand, there is a certain amount of the population who doesn’t care about politics; furthermore they don’t vote either because they don’t believe on politicians or they don’t have a hope anymore about it. Many others because they don’t have legal documents to do so. Some of them have a defined political party, so they votes as it is; and the ones that are non-party will look to the best platform according to their interest and necessities, voting the best fit. Lastly, as the woman from the story, voters sometimes are undecided and hear different opinions before making their decisions. Even thought people don’t vote, votes will go to the candidates with the winning approach at the end of the process. It could be better active voting population if people will be interested to be more documented about what’s going on around them and vote accordingly to make these changes a

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