Under Armour's Corporate Social Responsibility

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Social responsibility is an idea that companies should balance profit-making activities with socially beneficial activities and involve the development of a businesses that have a positive relationship with the societies.The missions of Under Armour are making all of athletes better through passion, design, and the relentless pursuit of innovation. There are four part of global corporate social responsibility in the pyramid which are philanthropic responsibility, ethical responsibility, legal responsibility and economic responsibility. First, philanthropic responsibility is on the top of the global corporate social responsibility pyramid.It is a voluntary responsibilities of the companies. Under Armour have pay the responsibility in UA Power…show more content…
Under Armour believes that always have to know the ethically right and follow the law whenever face a decision. Under Armour has the honest and fair dealing in their business. Their teammates believe that ethical practices, true advertising or by overrating the competition are the three main point to win a business. They advanced their business while taking attention to follow with the laws and regulations around the world. These laws are to prevent discussions, arrangements, understandings or arrangements among adversary regarding to the price or control of the market, and between Under Armour and its retailers to retain the retail prices of the products.They make the right calls as do not discuss price, share confidential information, limit or restrict market share and enter into agreement to the retail prices with the competitors. Furthermore, Under Armour is committed to anti-bribery and anti-corruption activities in their business. They need to follow the laws and regulations, including the FCPA and UK Bribery Act, which means that no Under Armour personnel may offer, pay, promise to pay, or authorize the payment of anything of value to a government official or commercial partner to induce that person to act in a way that will help Under Armour obtain or retain business. This includes excessive gifts, travel, meals,…show more content…
All companies are subjected to legal responsibilities and required to follow law, which will impact organizations planning process. In order to operate soundly, a company must familiarize itself with external factors that govern the industry that the company operates within. Under Armour has played legal responsibility in many roles for social that are binding agreement, things may charge, additional terms or guidelines, eligibility and more. In binding agreement, by accessing, using or downloading any of the service, the customers have to agree to follow and be bound by the terms. Besides that, Under Armour and their third party providers may make improvements or changes in the service such as the changes in the price of service. The changes above is considered as things may
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