Under Armour Marketing Plan

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Under Armour
1. Executive summary
By using the “IMC RABOSTIC planning Model” designed by Pickson and Broderick (2005, p.1), which aids “how integrated marketing communication are planned, organized and managed”, the following report show that a developing integrated marketing communication plan for Under Armour.

The plan show that Under Armour is an international brand which is providing the best, quality, and innovation gears to the customers, Under Armour is going to become the first choice to the athletes. Also, as the name indicates, it is an athletic apparel company that was built on the concept of creating superior base layer apparel that acts as a performance enhancer for elite athletes.

2. Research
Under Armour was created by Kelvin Plank. a former college football player at the University of Maryland, Under
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The new products can promote in the existing market, for example, promote the new products in ESPN magazine. Also, the existing product can be selling in the new market, for example, to sell the existing products which are popular in a new retail store. About the new products, it can also sell in the new markets; for example, sell a new product in a new retail store. The details are show in appendix ()

8. Implementation
The recommended three year integrated marketing communication plan is located in appendix (), it show that how the plan set to develop in next three years.

In the first three months of operation have been allocated purely for roll out purposes only, there have no marketing developments recommended during this time. Personal communication is key rolling out the developed plan, it is need to ensure no any unanswered questions regarding proposed method.

9. Control and
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