Under Lick Pier Analysis

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In the Bakersfield Museum of Art in Bakersfield California, Edwar Reep painted the Under Lick Pier in the 1950s. The painting was made with watercolor on paper. 29 ¾ x 22 ½ inches. According the artist, the Under Lick Pier documents the great Ocean Park district in Santa Monica, California, where Lick Pier and the Aragon Ballroom hosted the named bands and people gathered to dance during the late 1940s through the 1950s. The painting illustrates an old man seated on a bench outside a public space. The man is holding a newspaper on his left hand. The shadows in this work show that the scene takes place in the morning, the man in the center of the composition sits sunning himself reading the newspaper, and had probably worked in the nighttime…show more content…
In addition, the use of light and dark colors are very outstanding in this painting. Every local business is painted with a different color. The artist uses green, white, and brown to divide each store. Also, there is a lot of shading and chiaroscuro in the painting, the artist uses tones like black, white, and grey to create the illusion of volume or three dimensional work. The content of the work illustrates an old man who appears to be exhausted of the daily work routine. The painting illustrates loneliness. The man is by himself. This is an example of how a lot of seniors when they get old there is no one who takes care of them. Even their sons forget about them. However, even though he seems tired and sleepy, he has hope and wants to live. The composition shows a lonely, peaceful peace with ambient light in order to demonstrate that there are good and bad moments in life but we always have to fight for our dreams and work hard to have a better life. I chose this work of art because I like the formal elements as well as the use of colors and shades. Also, I chose this work because it illustrates the importance of having a family. In fact, this work makes me realize the importance of helping others. It makes me appreciate more what I have, and be thankful with all the opportunities life has offered
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