Under The Persimmon Tree

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(AGG) Has it ever come to mind when you're reading a book if authors include legitimate facts to make the story more lifelike? (BS-1) Well, in the book Under the Persimmon Tree, the author uses real facts of the Taliban stealing and kidnapping men. (BS-2) The author then used this information to make conflict by having characters affected by Taliban stealing. (BS-3) Also, used throughout the book are accurate facts of the Taliban's restrictions on women. (BS-4) Plus, the author used this to make conflict for the characters by having Najmah not be able to return to her homeland. (TS) The author of Under the Persimmon Tree, Suzanne Fisher Staples, uses accurate events of the Taliban to create conflict.
(MIP-1) The first time the author uses
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(SIP-A) This causes a mental and physical conflict for Najmah; she ends up alone and becomes silent. (STEWE-1) Since the Taliban took away the men of Najmah’s family, Najmah steps-up and turns independent. At the beginning of Under the Persimmon Tree, Najmah is scared of the leopards, “I am terribly afraid of leopards although I have never seen one in my life” (Staples 6). But, now “[She does] not even think of leopards as [she] goes to the woodpile” (Staples 37). This results in Najmah taking order of her home. Commonly, the men manage the household, but the men of her family aren’t there, so Najmah takes the reigns. She has gained braveness by going to the woodpile instead of avoiding it like how she was accustomed to. Najmah also gains responsibility by “never [leaving her] mother’s side over the next day, except to carry water” (Staples 35). Instead of drowning in her own worries about her father and brother, she comforts her mother. Najmah becomes more liable because her brother and father are not present. (STEWE-2) Although it is enough to lose the men of Najmah’s family, Najmah loses her mother and newly born brother to a bombing (Staples 65-67). This occurrence results in Najmah alone without anyone to comfort or protect her. Najmah now has to decide if she will stay at her home or join everyone on their way to Peshawar. (SIP-B) The information the author includes…show more content…
(BS-4) Staples used factual evidence in the book to have Najmah struggle to get back to her homeland. (BS-3) The author used real facts of the Taliban's restrictions aimed towards women. (BS-2) The book includes information of the Taliban stealing to affect Najmah emotionally. (BS-1) Also, the author used actual evidence of the Taliban stealing and kidnapping men. (R) For sure, the author uses authentic events to make the story seem more
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