Under The Same Moon Analysis

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To briefly state, the author of the review for Under the Same Moon was written by Linda Liu of the Harvard Crimson. This film is meant to lightly introduce the concept of immigration, while also providing a perspective of the life struggles of not only an illegal immigrant but being a child to one. Within the analysis the author does discuss how the film gives the audience a light introduction of immigration but fails to get into immigration policies or try to make a political statement; which the author disagrees with by stating “no one would make a movie like this without a major political point” (Linda Y. Liu, Under the Same Moon). Thus, the author of the review seems to have mixed emotions about the film by giving it appraisal while also…show more content…
Liu, Under the Same Moon). She then goes into further explanation about how the plot fails to address immigration issue because “Director Patricia Riggen primarily uses the mother-son story to frame a broad survey of illegal immigrant hardship” (Linda Y. Liu, Under the Same Moon). Yet, the author fails to discuss how the director intention was to lightly introduce the concept of immigration issues to the audience, though the movie does not directly take a shot at immigration issues that does not mean it fail to educate the public on them. In fact, the movie begins with a scene of the mother trying to sneak across the border at night through the Rio Grande while evading border patrol, the scene then takes a turn when border patrol discovers the group and tries to capture them; the mother injures herself while trying to escape then the scene switches over to her son Carlitos waking up. This scene is important because it gives the audience a perspective about why individuals immigrate to America and that its usually done to support their family, thus that is why the scene changes from the mother crossing the border to her son Carlitos. The author also does not discuss how the title of the film is meant to demonstrate how even though the issue of immigration is on the rise, that we all are still under the same moon; meaning that at the end of it all we are all the same. Thus, when the author states the plot fails to address immigration she is incorrect, the film does address immigration but does it in a subtle way, without shoving a political agenda in their audience
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