Under The Same Sky Literary Analysis

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¨Sometimes you have to be strong when you feel like giving up, have to fight when you just want to run away. Because sometimes it is all you can do to keep going.¨ ~Unknown author.This quote connects to the novel's theme because Joe had to keep fighting and pursue even though he wanted to stop working on the farm. He wanted to earn money to achieve his goal.The story by Cynthia DeFelice talks about a teenage boy named Joe who had always wanted a motorbike. His dad made him work on his farm to get some money to get the motorbike, but then realized he did not need it anymore. He started to befriend with the workers on the farm. Joe was struggling on the farm and the workers help encourage him to keep going. In the story Under the Same Sky DeFelice uses many literary goals to help the readers understand.…show more content…
One example of symbolism is the author´s description of the motorbike. Joe describes how he wanted the motorbike so he could get more freedom and go out and do whatever he wanted to do over summer vacation. ¨I had to make clear to my parents that it wasn't simply a question of wanting the bike.¨ ¨I really needed it if I wasn't going to die of boredom over summer vacation.¨Furthermore, Towards the end of the book, the author revisits the motorbike again. Even though Joe was begging for the bike in the beginning of the story, by the end Joe did not really need or want it anymore. ¨But the funny thing was, I didn't think about the streaker anymore. ¨I didn't even want it.¨ The X-treme Sportz catalog sat on my bureau for a while, but finally I threw it out.¨ ¨I knew I wouldn't be riding with Randy and Jason and, anyway, I had other stuff on my mind.¨ He was thinking and thought that he could buy something that he actually needed. The author is trying to achieve that your needs come before your
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