Underage Drinkers Research Paper

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Alcohol Misuse Among Underage Drinkers Alcohol consumption among underage drinkers is major issue within society as it can contribute to both health and social problems (Komro, Maldonado-Molina, Tobler, Bonds, and Muller 2007). Problems can include: criminal offenses, injuries, increased risk of disease, unintentional sexual behaviour and suicide. Underage drinking refers to individuals consuming alcohol when under the legal age within their country. Individuals under legal drinking age are at a period of brain development that is particularly sensitive to the effects of alcohol (Komro et al., 2007). This essay critically evaluates fake identification, family conflict and peer pressure, however, it will be argued that access significantly…show more content…
(1998) investigated the use of fake identification to purchase alcohol by underage drinkers. Participants included 900 teenagers aged 16-19, whom completed self-report questionnaires based on their experience of trying to purchase alcohol (Schwartz et al., 1998). Borrowing and altering fake identification happened more often than purchasing it through the mail, as this method was sometimes unsuccessful (Schwartz et al., 1998). Similar findings were examined by Morleo, Cook, Bellis, and Smallthwaite (2010) investigating the use of fake identification between underage drinkers aged 15-16. A cross-sectional study was held investigating how the underage drinkers had purchased alcohol (Morleo et al., 2010). Participants completed self-report surveys on quantities of alcohol and ways of purchasing. Findings show that over one quarter of the underage drinkers reported buying their own alcohol with one seventh admitting to using fake identification to purchase the alcohol (Morleo et al., 2010). These studies combined show a contribution to alcohol misuse within adolescence, however, as both studies used descriptive research, cause and effect cannot be established as the accuracy and honesty of participants cannot be…show more content…
Through analysing the data provided it can be assumed that access, fake identification, family conflict and peer pressure are key influences to alcohol misuse in underage drinkers. In contrast, the evidence associated with fake identification and peer pressure was based on studies that used descriptive research which cannot verify cause and effect. Further, the evidence provided on family conflict was also considered weaker as it was limited by a sample bias and wasn’t generalised to younger people. Overall, access had consistent findings throughout two countries, therefore, the weight of evidence provided supports the argument that access significantly contributes to alcohol misuse among underage

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