Underage Drinking Alcohol In Tonga

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Alcohol is the most common drug in Tonga today. In comparing to the past, underage drinking alcohol is a major problem. The number of death due to underage drinking alcohol was not much compared to what we have in Tonga today. Civilization world comes and teenagers are now drinking alcohol. The number of underage teenagers is increasing and so as the number of death. So nowadays in Tonga, the underage (under 21) drinking alcohol is one of the main causes of death in Tonga. We should prevent younger age (under 21) from drinking alcohol to minimize death in Tonga. In Tonga today, the younger age grow up to experience many things in life. They experience good things and also things that make their lives miserable. According to a 16 year old…show more content…
According to John Taione, one of the local Medical Doctor here in Vava’u, “The main causes of death in Tonga is younger age drinking alcohol. The lead problem from younger age drinking alcohol that happened here in Tonga are the car crashes and road accidents”. In December last year, we had a terrible accident here in Vava’u Island, and four underages young men died while the others are in badly wound. Last month, an underage guy run over a little boy. The driver ran away and he crashes into another car and two adult man died. So this is sad because those that were died were not drinking but because of that underage guy drinking alcohol, he killed them. Just last month again, we had another accident which two under age guys collapsed in a tree from running fast. They both drinking alcohol and hard to control themselves and end up dying in an accident. This is really sad especially to families and parents that lost their loved ones. Not only vehicle road accidents but other as well such as murders and killing. Just last month, a teenage boy hit his girlfriend in the head. The boy was mad and the solution to his madness is to go drink alcohol. So the boy came and call his girlfriend and they argued then he hit his girlfriend and she died. Another two young men at Tongatapu, 15 year old and 17 year old that was dunk killed two Chinese couple just to get more alcohol to drink. Underage drinking alcohol also cause the problem of suicide. Last year, a teenager was drunk and he shot himself and died. Another problem is health problem which many people died because the liver and kidney was affected because of too much drinking alcohol. There are other injuries as well such as fall or burn. One boy got drunk and he went jump from their two-story house. According to Lyla Ika, an officer in the Health Department in Tonga, the number of death increases rapidly just within these last two years more than
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