Underage Drinking Analysis

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Tomas Gonzalez 05/13/16 Ministry P.4 Robertson/Huck The two articles I chose were “Follow the rules and no one will get hurt: performing boundary work to avoid negative interactions when using social network sites” and “Homeschool and Underage Drinking: Is It More Protective than Public and Private Schools?”, which delve into many problems occurring with youth ministry all around the world. Teenagers are tempted all the time to doing illegal or harmful things or could be pressured into doing these things. In this essay, the conclusions of both articles that were chosen will have their reasons for writing those specific conclusions explained, how it changes and what it means for youth ministry in Catholicism, and how negative interactions on social media and homeschooling and underage drinking affect youth ministry here in South Florida. The first essay’s conclusion states that while emerging adults may be immersed in SNS, they are at times disenchanted with SNS and articulate informal rules intended to limit negative interactions. Even as emerging adults follow informal rules that help them control what…show more content…
The author then goes to launch surveys to parents, homeschoolers, and public and private students. These surveys are meant to prove the hypothesis, but the statistics started to state otherwise. Due to the different levels of income and parenting, many homeschoolers parents have a harder time monitoring their children’s behavior. So it seems that homeschoolers tend to have a higher percentage of underage drinking than public or private students in some situations. But in most situations, private and homeschooling have less trouble monitoring this kind of behavior since even though parents work, they are encouraged heavily to be involved in their children’s
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