Underage Drinking Model Paper

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The demographic, academic and economical factors frame this model to present relevant concerns the United States Department of Health & Human Services has regarding excessive drinking. This model represent (but not limited to) the HHS focus of study among excessive drinking in adolescents between the ages of 12-20 who have reported drinking in the past month. Race Ethnicity - The fastest growing ethnic groups regarding excessive alcohol consumption in U.S is Whites and Asian American, respectfully. African Americans and Latinos have the lowest rate of monthly and heavy drinking. Among gender in adolescence men are more likely to drink than women and consume more alcohol overall. Death rates are very high among Hispanic, lower among African Americans and the lowest among whites. In addition, Hispanics are among to highes related DUI death then African-American and Whites. While, non-Hispanic Whites have a increase in alcohol related disorders, Blacks and Hispanic have a higher alcohol related cirrhosis issues. Education - Underage drinking takes a huge toll on the body and on the mind especially for college students. Excessive absitine is more relevant with Hispanics and Blacks than in non-Hispanics; however, non-Hispanics have a higher…show more content…
While, the medium house household was about $41,000 majority of teens who excessively drank was above the poverty level. In addition, $750 million in hospitalization each year and over 1 billion U.S dollars in accident related alcohol use. To put things in perspective 1 out of every 4 underage drinker has a DUI and whites have a much higher rate of accident related fatalities than hispanic and blacks. $505 million have been the result of assault regarding underage drinking and of that amount $416 million were due to domestic violence. However, majority of the $200 billion in underage drinking stems from loss of work or school
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