Underage Drinking Persuasive Essay

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Noel LopezBLK: A2Underage DrinkingIt has come to my attention that underage drinking is a common problem with our teens in this generation. For reasons unknown to me, drinking alcohol is appealing and interesting to try. And once a person tries it for the first time, they want more. The biggest factor to this is the age limit set to start drinking. 21 although a good age set is also a bad one as it seems too far for teens to wait. Lowering the age to something like 18 would provide a lot more beneficial outcomes. It would also be a smart move as 18 isthe age of adulthood and an adult should be able to make the choices they want regarding alcohol. In the US about 11% of the alcohol consumed is by people of ages 12-20 and 90% of that is binge…show more content…
It was determined that in thatmonth, about 35% of the students had consumed alcohol. This is an overwhelming number, certainly much higher than I first anticipated. Of course not all of these teen drinkers do it to break the law. Problems with family or social life can turn drinking into a solution for someone. It is high school after all. Nevertheless, the majority of the underage drinking can be solved. What can we do about it? Reducing the drinking age would be a beneficial solution. Lowering it to 18 would be the ideal age because that is the age of adulthood and adultshave the right to choose how they handle alcohol. It would also make more drinkers more responsible about drinking as they would have more time to adjust their limits. Lowering the drinking age will also make alcohol less appealing to teens. When something is forbidden it makes it seem like it is more interesting and the desire to obtain it becomes much greaterAs seen by the research conducted, teen drinking is an important issue that should be addressed. From what I 've seen, the best solution and also the most simple solution is lowering the drinking age from 21 to 18. This would reduce the number significantly. Notonly would there be a vast number of people that are within that three year but more teens would lose interest in breaking the law as reaching 18 isn 't as long as reaching 21. This change would be for the greater good and there would be more responsible

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