Underground Railroad Essay

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Over the span of twenty years, from 1790 to 1810, the northern states really struggled for their freedom. Even the free Africans could not vote or go to court and even had restrictions for their transportation, as well. Many of the owners freed their slaves, but made them agree to being an indentured servant for the same master. Indentured servants had to work for their master for a term of several years, and in return, the servant would have been provided with a place to stay, a way of transportation, and someplace to work. Indentured servants were more common at the time and were like slaves, but they had more rights. Many southern planters relied heavily on Africans to care for the crops that make the most money, including tobacco and…show more content…
Most found out about escaping through a code or secretly. The news of the Underground Railroad was spread mostly by word of mouth. It was their chance to escape to freedom and live the life that everyone deserves. The people involved were those against slavery and the slaves, of course. The workers of the Underground Railroad were very creative in how they portrayed the next clue for the slaves. The name, “Underground Railroad,” was first mentioned in 1831, when Tice Davids had fled from his owner and later disappeared. His owner said that Tice had gone to an underground road. Later, a captured slave mentioned a railroad underground that goes to Boston. It got its name from a secret code of their own. Underground meant secret and Railroad meant a way of travel. Many of thousands helped with the Underground Railroad. Some people gave money to help supply the runaway slaves with clothes and food. Others helped guide those from the south up north and others opened their houses for slaves to stay in. But all of them were brave, hard-workers. If they were caught, slave or worker, they would have to pay the price for what they had done. All of the helpers each had titles, as if the Underground Railroad was a real railroad. Stationmasters let the slaves stay in their house, agents gave clues to help the slaves figure out what to do next, and conductors guided the slaves on their journey. One of the very well known conductors was Harriet
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