Underground Railroad Leaders Essay

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Influential Leaders of the Underground Railroad
Throughout the mid 1800’s slavery was an action spread broadly across the south. The Underground Railroad arose in the early 1830’s, helping slaves escape to a new future under the influence and assistance of some major names: Harriet Tubman, William Still and Thomas Garrett. These three influential leaders took the problem of slavery into their own hands by conducting routs, traveling back and forth to help others, assisting serfs to escape while risking their lives for slaves, like them, to a future of freedom.
William Still, and African American abolitionist, was a conductor of the underground railroad who originated in Pennsylvania. Still aided slaves to escape slavery by housing them,
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Tubman escaped slavery in 1849, and then went on to aid others to freedom.Shortly after, congress passed the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850, this was an act that prohibited helping runaway slaves.(Clavin, "Tubman, Harriet.") Harriet was not affected by this law and still continued to rescue slaves, she carried a gun and promised only to use it when threatened. Harriet led an armed group in the war and guided a raid at Combahee Ferry, which rescued more than 700 slaves. She was titled the “most brave conductor,” primarily because she returned to the south nineteen times to help other slaves escape. (McGuire, "Harriet Tubman.") Overall she helped around 300 slaves, and along the way, had never lost a single traveler. (McGuire,"Harriet Tubman.") Harriet Tubman was a strong figure who had the courage to help many people and give them freedom.
Due to William Still, Thomas Garrett, and Harriet Tubman 's actions, African American’s are capable of having equal rights, and lives. These threes achievements were just a few influential moments during black history and continue to astonish the world today. Because of these courageous leaders people were taught the importance of speaking up and putting an end to what they do not believe

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