Underground Railroad Rebellion

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Their had to be a way to help the slaves escape their suffering! The Quaker abolitionists and other religious groups formed a network of routes to help slaves escape from the southern states. It was harriet tubman who had a primary role in organizing a network which became known as the Underground Railroad.The Underground Railroad was a rebellion. The rebellion of the Underground railroad was created by a group of abolitionists whose purpose for this new system was to help slaves escape slavery and find freedom in Canada of the northern free states. The people who helped create this system was a group of abolitionists. These People believed that slavery was wrong and that people of color deserved color like any white man. Although slavery…show more content…
Most slaves who used the underground railroad left large plantations most of these slaves were being sold or being moved around. This did affect the master or slave owners the most costing the money and their workforce. With every slave gone the slave owners would get more and more mad, making northern states create laws against slaves leaving, just to keep the peace with the south. Many top slaves that had escaped had rewards put out for them if they were found and brought back. Their was also a effect on the other side of this battle, abolitionist were having the happy part of this deal with the results of the underground railroad became more and more popular having more people join wanting to help and with more people the word spread faster through the slave community people learning about the railroad and a way to freedom. Although some thought of the system as a victory it did cause problems between the north and south helping add fuel for the upcoming civil war. Southerners were upset and most northerners were still trying to keep peace and keep the south happy while still following their beliefs to be a free state. To try to settle the disputes laws were put in place saying fugitive slaves must be brought back to their owners and anyone caught helping a slave escape will have disciplinary actions…show more content…
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