Undernourished In Third World Countries

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Did you know that there is enough food in the world to feed all 7 billion people, but there are 795 million people in the world who are malnourished. Malnourished is a term to broadly describe when someone is undernourished or overnourished. Being overnourished is when you have exceeded the daily nutrients limit and are overweight. In many cases being undernourished is more unhealthy than being overnourished. The Continent with the highest amount of people suffering with malnutrition, relating to undernourishment, is Africa. Ethiopia and Nigeria are both third world countries, and are greatly suffering from malnutrition. Being undernourished is when your body doesn’t receive enough nutrients. Starvation is also a form of malnutrition; starvation is the main reason for malnutrition in third world countries. Poverty is thriving this these countries, which can lead to the high rate of malnutrition. In poorer countries there is a lack of food. There are also high food prices and there are many problems with food distribution. Another contribution to malnutrition is that many mothers will choose to bottle feed their children, rather than breast feed them. In doing this, they risk the health of their babies, and they can then become malnourished. Breastfeeding is good because it contains proper nutrients for the baby, is always clean, and helps support growth. Some ways in which we can help reduce this rate of malnutrition is by prioritizing a child 's first few years in order to

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