Underrepresented Group Essay

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While attending Weill Cornell Youth Scholars Program the summer before senior year I finally understood the importance of the underrepresented groups in society specifically in medicine. Many students who have dreams to go into medicine do not know that medicine lacks diversity, as surprising as it is this will impact us all eventually. The opportunity to listen to real life accounts of the struggles most future surgeons, medical engineers, etc., encounter until they get into their medical related careers. The common factor that each physician shared was that they all realized the lack of representation for people of color in medicine. Listening to these physicians talk about how people of color are not in positions such as surgeon, specialist, engineers and etc., so they do not treat these diseases that affect their minority groups. With a lack of underrepresented groups in the medical field many patients in that group do not receive the best health care, for example heart related issues in many African Americans are not addressed till these issues are serious,…show more content…
Before we even know what to do with patients we need to understand physiology viruses, infections, etc., in order to treat them accordingly. There are not enough of the understated groups involved in learning about the aliments that target our people, it is left to people who are not impacted as much which makes no sense because there could be something in our culture that could be the key ingredient to treating the aliment. A simple practice like the way womb is dressed could be a break in medical engineering but there isn’t a heavy presence of underrepresented groups and people don’t realize that a lot of this. I wasn’t even aware till these physicians opened up my eyes and I felt like my choice to become a cardiovascular surgeon had even more purpose besides my
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