Understaffing In Nursing

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The understaffing of nurses is an issue that has rapidly affected the nursing field of both Australia (locally) and the rest of the world (globally) (Oulton, 2006). The issue has resulted in nurses not being able to successfully achieve our duty and work requirements, comprising the needs and safety of the patients in our care (Twigg, Duffield, Thompson & Rapley, 2010). Due to the issue hindering the role and outcomes of the nurse’s work, nurses cannot successfully contribute to the common good and human dignity (Donley, Grandjean, Jairath, & McMullen, 2006), therefore to address the limited amount of these throughout the issue of understaffing, possible solutions should be explored using advocacy and community engagement. The issue of understaffing does not allow for nurses to perform to their full capacity and complete their work, resulting in the exclusion and small contribution of the common good and human dignity (Donley et al., 2006). As a nurse your duty is to look after and assist your patients, educate them as well as their family and contribute to their outcomes in a positive matter, this is achieved through creating a therapeutic relationship with the patient in a positive, safe and comfortable setting (Kemppainen, Tossavainen, & Turunen, 2013). However, as a result of the issue, research has shown that patients outcomes and quality of care have significantly decreased as a result of nurses not being able to achieve their role (Stanton & Rutherford, 2004). Human

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