Understand Human Communication By Ronald Adler And George Rodman

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There are different types of nonverbal communication. Body movements is a different type of nonverbal communication. Body movements are the most noticeable elements of nonverbal communication. Body Movement consists of posture, gestures, face and eyes. A posture can say a lot of a person. Postural messages are sometimes obvious. For example, if someone is slump over while sitting in a chair then one assumes something is going on. Paying attention to your spouse’s mood important. Nonverbally, they might be giving out clues about how they are feeling. They could be in a hunched forward position or could be crossing their arms across their chest. Body movements can make you jump to conclusions that are not necessarily true. If one jumps to conclusions too fast, an argument will begin. In Understand Human Communication by Ronald Adler and George Rodman it says:…show more content…
Social scientists call these behaviors manipulators… Research confirms what common sense suggests- that increased use of manipulators is often a sign of discomfort. But not all fidgeting signals uneasiness… When they let their guard down (either alone or with friends), they will be more likely to fiddle with an earlobe, twirl a strand of hair, or clean their fingernails. Whether or not the fidgeter is hiding something, observers are likely to interpret manipulators as a signal of dishonesty. Because no all fidgeters are liars, it is important not to jump to conclusions about the meaning of manipulators.
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