Understand The Effects Of Poverty On Children's Education

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In order to fully understand the effects of poverty on children’s education, people must fully comprehend the impact poverty possesses on the citizens of the United States of America. Poverty, by definition, describes the state of someone as extremely poor, however, poverty establishes a point in which an income becomes to insufficient to support certain standard ways of life and often leads to poor education. According to the US Census for 2015, more than forty-three million people living in the United States face poverty. When it comes to poverty affecting education, in 2015 nearly twenty percent of females aged under eighteen and nineteen percent of males aged under eighteen, live in poverty as they try to receive a diploma to the hopefully start a career without creating a deeper debt gap. Poverty branches off…show more content…
Growing up in the projects gives off a terrible first impression; even if that’s the only place a family can afford to live. Students growing up in areas high in crime rates, drug abusers, and gangs, tend to take the label of an appalling civilian, and a schoolyard fight between two white males reflects an assault and eventually imprisoned man if the fight were to include two African-American males (African-American because they are mostly of color).
Alice Goffman explains in her speech how the government asks children already fighting poverty, living in the “most disadvantaged neighborhoods, and attending the country 's worst schools…to basically never do anything wrong.” The subject of this speech includes urban sociology and the impact of the different demographics living in certain neighborhoods on these teenage students facing more criminal charges than they would if they didn’t live in communities full of families attempting to overcome

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