Understanding Person-Centred Values

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Task 1; Understand person-centres approaches for care and support. 1.1; Define person-centres values. Person-Centred values which are important to those who need support in their daily life’s. There are eight person centred values that support person-centred care e.g. Individuality- They should never have to fit in with you or your employer. Individuals should be allowed and supported to make their own choices. Independence- You must allow the individual that you are supporting to do things themselves. Being independent does not mean being alone, but being supported to do things for themselves. Privacy- As a care worker you will need to understand that each individual need’s privacy and support in different ways. The availability of private space will be different in residential care home and home care environments. Partnership- Working…show more content…
3.1: Define the term “Consent”. The word ‘Consent’ means: giving a permission to do something or something that has happen or agreement to do something. The free dictionary- by Farlex 3.2: Explain the importance of gaining consent when providing care or support. In a health and social care setting it is important to support an individual and their rights. When following the legal requirements, as it is the individual's right to refuse e.g. any support or treatment and ensuring the individual are aware and obey with legal requirements. 3.3: Describe how to establish consent for an activity or action. In a health and social care setting it’s important to start the consent of the individual when providing them with any kind of care or support. It’s essential to include the individual with any decision-making, it is your job to make sure that the individual does not feel left out or ignored. 3.4: Explain what steps to take if consent cannot be readily established. The steps that I would take if the consent cannot be readily
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