Underswap Papyrus: A Short Story

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ummary: Underswap Papyrus was looking for his brother whom got kidnapped by some glitched version of Sans. However, along the way, he wasn’t counting on getting kidnapped himself. Notice: No Error will not be appearing in this fanfiction. He’s just mentioned. Papyrus made a dash to Undyne’s lab as soon as she called. It had been at least a month now. As crazy as he sounded he was very desperate to travel through dimensions just to find his brother. “Pa-Papyrus a-are you sure about this?” The fish scientist said nervously but she could tell without Papyrus saying anything that he was….Determine. “I’m sure….I can’t just let my brother with….whoever that…thing was!” His bony fingers clenched. His left eye sparked. Undyne nodded and handed…show more content…
Sans screamed furiously. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!! WHY WHY WHY!!?” Bones shot up from the ground and shot the many trees around and caused them to fall over and break. He panted….His magic eventually died down as he held his head and growled. “Fuck….” It was silent for a moment….. “….?” He raised his head as he heard a strange sound in the distance. A blast of orange was shining through the trees ahead. “….Wh-What?…” Sans soon began to run towards the light ahead. Angry but curious, perhaps its someone he can take his anger and frustration out on? He hoped so… Story is mostly based on @imjustalazycat comic however taken in a different setting. Basically, what if this is an aftermath to Error taking Underswap Sans. Go check the comic out made by imjustalazycat its pretty good and the beginning gave me ideas. There will be more of course. And again, going more original with this idea and trying my best not to copy from the main source material. Plus, just warning you now. It may contain sins as I go along with this. Sorry if part one is short, it won’t be a too long fic series. Dunno how many parts however but we’ll
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