Undocumented: Illegal Immigrants

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The general public believes that most of the crimes in the United States are committed by illegal immigrants. This is a mistaken bias because in the reality there are other groups of people that commit crimes. Amnesty would help to cut down crime by giving authorities database to access to each identity of the current illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants who do not obey the laws can be easily identified. Tolerance is one of the characteristics that is encouraged by American identity. Everyone deserves a second chance even though illegal immigrants have committed a crime by coming to the United States without consent. The future generations of illegal immigrants could become the great immigrant that we had in the past such as Albert Einstein…show more content…
In Undocumented: How Immigration Became Illegal by Aviva Chomsky addresses how the concepts of illegality affect our immigration system. According to Chomsky, “Countries, sovereignty, citizenship, and laws are social constructions: abstraction invented by human. What’s more, they are all fairly recent inventions. Today, we use them to justify differences in legal status” (182). There are many politicians exploiting regulations and use their political power as a tool to drive their own agenda for self-interest. For example, Illegal immigrants are allowed to wait for manual labor jobs in work stop stations which were built by the government. Furthermore, the government has also developed funding plans that allowed illegal immigrants to be qualified for housing, medical and other benefits. The government is influenced by politicians who use the immigration problem as opportunities to expand their power and individual monetary gain. The government is contradicting its policies because it wants to keep them out, but at the same time it helps them out when they get here illegally or legally. This is a tug of war. As said by Chomsky, constitutional laws are made by human beings, we should devise a better constitution if there is any loophole that against the values of fairness and equality in our social
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