Undocumented Immigrant

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Children of undocumented immigrants blame their parents for their departure. Enrique having no parental guidance led him to sniffing glue and joining a gang on his journey to the United States.Also, they claim that it changes their behavior towards their parents. Children of undocumented immigrants feel hostile towards their parents for not taking them to the United States. Years of separation for parents and children damaged their relationship. Children talk about how their parents abandoned them and left them behind. For instance, Enrique states, “I wouldn’t be this way if I had two parents” (198).Enrique tells his mother that he acts this way because both of his parents were never in his life.Enrique acts out because his parents are not in his life . He says that if his parents were in his life, then he would of never choose to sniff glue or join a gang before he reconnected with his mother. Also, Enrique says to his mother that “You long ago lost the right to tell me what to do” (198). Enrique statement expresses how children that have been abandoned treat their parents and how they do not appreciate the departure from…show more content…
Children of undocumented immigrants feel angry and unwanted by their mothers or fathers due to the newcomers in their lives. To emphasize their anger , Enrique says,” You shouldn’t have gotten pregnant until you knew your existing kids were okay”(198). Enrique speaks to Lourdes by telling her that it was not right for her to make a child without knowing that her kids in Honduras was okay, but Lourdes didn’t want to get pregnant. Undocumented parents would try to make new families to live a normal life in the United States. Children of undocumented immigrants act harshly toward their parents because they feel abandoned by them .According to Sonia Nazario, undocumented children resent that their parents made new lives without
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