Undocumented Immigrants Deported

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In the United States, there are approximately 11 million undocumented immigrants and most of them don 't have a driver’s license(Passel and Cohn). Because the DMV failure to issue driver’s license, it is hurting the undocumented population and is just adding more problems around the country. The undocumented population has been really affected by this failure of issuing the driver’s license towards them. By having the problem of issuing of driver’s license towards immigrants, a great deal of undocumented immigrants have problems they need to go through. They have the problem of getting forced to break the law which will get you deported. They will have the problem of being very limited to job opportunities they will have and the risk of driving…show more content…
By breaking this law and driving around without a license is a huge risk for them because when they get pulled over they have a high chance to get deported. Not only can the person not have a driver’s license, but because of this problem they can’t have insurance which will not help anybody because they will be worried about having an accident which won’t help anybody. In North Carolina there is a bill and is in talks about giving driver’s license to undocumented immigrants, but the governor does not approve of this bill. “Governor Pat McCrory also a Republican, sent his legislature liaison to the committee Tuesday to express his disapproval as well. He is opposed to this bill (Binker and Brown). In California there is also talks about driving without licenses; “LAPD officers were caught in the middle of a legal controversy over whether they were vested with the authority to impound vehicles driven by unlicensed drivers as required by the State Vehicle Code,or follow LAPD Special Order No. 7 that was pre-empted by uniform enforcement of the statewide impound regulations”(Goff). This shows that the Los Angeles Police Department is trying to have a change, but it shows that it might not happen. There was a story about a woman who got into a car crash and was going to get deported, “Felipa Leonor Valencia, the Mexican woman who was…show more content…
In the everyone was eligble to vote because immigrants had driver’s licenses.By having this law or rule implemented to vote, the undocumented immigrants won’t have a chance to even vote which they genuinely might want to. Not only is this going to leave one less vote, but there are a million undocumented immigrants so by having this we are missing that many votes. This will leave the party who doesn’t like immigrants more chance to win since undocumented immigrants can’t vote and elect the candidate who will want change and will reform this law. The DMV also states the requirements it needs in order for you to vote “Many state agencies provide voter registration services. as long as you are also conducting DMV business, such as: Applying for a new driver’s license or ID card. Renewing a driver 's license. Requesting a duplicate driver 's license.”(DMV). This shows that you will need a driver’s license to vote because you will need to do something with a driver’s license. “Can I Register to vote if I Don’t have a driver’s license?Yes. While all states require a driver’s license identification number or non-drivers ID number on the voter registration form, if you don’t have a driver’s license and have not been issued a non-driver state ID card, states will accept the last four digits of your social security number.”(HeadCount). This shows that if someone wants to vote, they will need a
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