Undocumented Immigrants

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False Accusations of Undocumented Immigrants Undocumented Immigrants are constantly accused of being cause of terrorist and criminal acts. However not all immigrants are, in fact a report by American Immigration Council found that immigrants are less likely to be incarcerated than native born citizen. This shows, that a majority of immigrants are not being incarnated as much, compared to US citizens. * Some people may assume that the more immigrants that there are, the more crime they bring. However, a report by America 's Majority Foundation found that the crime rates are lowest in states with the highest immigration growth rate. In 2006, the 10 states with the most pronounced, recent increases in immigration had the lowest rates of crime in general and violent crime matter. It doesn’t matter if states are populated with immigrants since the crime rates have decreased . As stated to U.S. Chambers of Commerce while the overall percentage rates and the number of undocumented immigrants in the U.S both increased sharply between 1990 and 2010, the crime in the United States plummeted by 45 percent and the property crime rate dropped y 42 percent. Stats continue to prove that in the states with majority of undocumented immigrants, are not even close to having violent criminal act, but instead a major decrease of them. Just like immigrants are accused of being criminals and being terrorist. Nonetheless, In “Teaching Tolerance Magazine”, of the “Of the 748,000 refugees who
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