Examples Of Undocumented Immigrants: False Accusation

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False Accusations of Undocumented Immigrants Undocumented Immigrants are constantly accused of being cause of terrorist and criminal acts. However not all immigrants are, in fact a report by American Immigration Council found that immigrants are less likely to be incarcerated than native born citizen. This shows, that a majority of immigrants are not being incarnated as much, compared to US citizens. * Some people may assume that the more immigrants that there are, the more crime they bring. However, a report by America 's Majority Foundation found that the crime rates are lowest in states with the highest immigration growth rate. In 2006, the 10 states with the most pronounced, recent increases in immigration had the lowest rates of crime…show more content…
According to CNN in at least seven states including Georgia and South Carolina, universities block undocumented students from attending college as residents and getting financial aid. This shows that it’s not even possible for them to get help, when they are blocked from universities. In addition to this the National Immigration Law center, 10 states have made it easier for undocumented state residents to attend college by offering in-state tuition to those that qualify. Despite that 10 states have made it easier for them , they still have to qualify, meaning that if they don’t 100% percent meet those requirements they will then be left with no education. Nonetheless, with all the misconceptions of them being criminals, terrorists, stealing job, and getting free education every single statistics proves theses to be false. Since a majority of the time because immigrants are not getting the right job or finical aid for education, they leave not…show more content…
They’ve done this by being hard workers, Fiscal Policy institute stated that the small businesses owned by immigrants generated $776 billion annually. According to National Venture Capital association immigrants started 25% percent of U.S companies that are backed by Google, Ebay, and Yahoo! As well as that according to Census Bureau had stated that 16% percent of the residents population holding a bachelor degree or higher that immigrants represent 33 percent of engineers, 27% percent maehtmatications, statticoins, and computer scientist and 24% percent of physical scientist. In addition to this, Immigrants collectively pay between 90 and 140 billion each year in taxes and a recent study found that undocumented immigrants alone paid more than $11.8 billion in taxes in

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