Building The Border Wall Essay

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Undocumented immigrants in the United States has become one of the biggest problems in America, yet many believe building a border wall will help us overcome this challenge. However, a result this choice may have in the future is that it will create less diverse districts in America since we are pushing away a big compliment that makes America a great and tolerance nation. Constructing a border wall will not stop unauthorized migration nor drug trafficking surround the border. Many conservative people suppose that building a wall across the United States and Mexico will solve undocumented immigration in the United States. However, the truth is, that by building this wall we will only make America isolated from the Dreamers; people who come to this country for a more desirable life and education. Likewise, it is proven that if the wall is built, it will eventually affect America’s economy due to how expensive this procedure is going to be. This topic will sooner or later create a lot of chaos in the United States considering that there is no possible way Mexico…show more content…
There are proofs that demonstrates that the wall will only be a terrible investment for the government due to how much money they may require spending on it. Likewise, the excuse that our former president uses to debate that his administration has the needs to provide the wall is also not debatable due to how such wall will not stop unauthorized migration nor drug trafficking. The fact that Donald Trump used this idea as the primary point of his campaign just prove that not only we have an arrogant president, but the people that elected him are as well since by just making this claim many forgot about almost 30 years of history that other presidents have fight for this wall and has never happened because of all the controversy it brings to the

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