Unemployment Causes Of Unemployment

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Causes of unemployment In Kashmir
There are many reasons of which the problem of unemployment is a repercussion. The youth here in the valley of Kashmir view the problem more to be the indirect consequences of conflict, insurgency than to any other. Since the onset of insurgency and violence in Kashmir the concern towards a comprehensive economic policy was lacking until in the recent years Govt. of J&K have shown some sort of a concern to think upon the matter seriously. Now the situation has worsened up to a level where from it is getting out difficult for the state to curb it. For an unemployed youth the situation of unemployment is serious, but it can be resolved by a good employment policy. Youth here is frustrated with the indifference shown by the govt. for some the cause of the problem is not the lack of opportunities provided to youths, but the consequences that the flocks of unemployed youth have created on the mindset of the young people. Youth view the problem more than the statistics shows to an objective observer. More important is to mention that the problem is showing a feedback acceleration.
Inadequate and outdated educational system
Kashmiri youth population is highly educated proven by the fact that the literacy rate between the age group of 18-35 years is 74%- one of the highest in south Asia. Although Kashmir has a large body of highly educated people Education is highly valued by the youth of Kashmir. Educated people are highly respected by every

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