Unemployment In Brunei

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Brunei has one of the highest rates of unemployment in the Asian region with about 11,546 people according to data shown in May 2014 by the Department of Economic Planning and Development (JPKE) courtesy of Borneo Bulletin (2015). As Brunei lacked both skilled and non-skilled workers, the countries has to depend largely on hiring foreign labour to execute the jobs that locals are not qualified to do. However, there are many concerns resulting from the high dependency of imported labour as it made an impact to the Brunei’s economy and society. Such issues are the outflow of money from Brunei to other countries, local workforces being replaced by foreign labour and lastly, the impact on society if the related authorizes were to prioritize the…show more content…
Such statistics are able to be seen in Brunei because foreign labour rate is cheaper than the local workforce, which leads to a significant number of locals being left unemployed. Apart from the cost of foreign labour being cheaper, employers from private or public sectors preferred to employ foreign workers because, they are reliable, a considerable number of them may be multi – skilled in various fields and also they are on working permit which prohibits them from leaving anytime they want. According to Haji Ismail Duraman (2011) about 5000 Bruneians are unemployed and yet over 40,000 foreigners work here in Brunei. Thus, unemployment rate in Brunei is currently rising due to sectors demanding for cheap foreign labours and the increase in number of foreigners coming into Brunei seeking for jobs. Nevertheless, foreigner cannot be said to be replacing local people. According to Cheong’s and Lawrey, locals are mostly working with the government which promises them with good salary. This motivates them to work with the public sector, leaving the private sector underemployed from local people. Statistic from 2001 shows that 10,614 Bruneians are unemployed (Cheong & Lawrey, 2009). Due to this attitude, it encourages the private sectors to import cheap labours from other countries. Even so, foreigners are still seen…show more content…
One of the issues affecting the society would be unacceptable behaviours found in foreign labours which can create public sense of insecurity that causes conflict among individuals. A survey was conducted by the UBD students on 30 people asking whether they agree on foreign workers creating a sense of insecurity and the result was unanimously agreed by all of the participants. Additionally, other issues concerned would be crimes committed by the foreigners. Some of the foreigners may conduct criminal acts that are against the law for instance, breaching of trust and stealing. According to fact, some criminal offences that were committed was – two Indonesians nabbed for forging driving license and two foreign women jailed for being involved with prostitution. Therefore, this shows that problems may arise as a result from having foreigners here in Brunei. Hence, it is advisable that the related authorities should take into account on prioritizing Bruneian citizens and permanent residents before considering outsiders as they may prompt certain discomfort to the local

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