Unemployment In Malaysia Essay

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Unemployment is a very important issue for every country, especially developing country with a remarkable population. Country with high unemployment specifies that the country’s labor resource is not fully utilized. There are three types of unemployment which are frictional, structural and cyclical (demand deficient unemployment). In Malaysia, the unemployment rate measures the number of people actively looking for job as a percentage of the labor force. Malaysia’s unemployment is on the growth, with the seasonally familiar unemployment rate at 3.4% in May related with 3% in April and 3% a year ago. Effects of unemployment on the economy are unemployment financial costs which make the government and the nation undergo. In many countries the…show more content…
In addition, quality of education also will be one of the reasons why graduates are unemployed in Malaysia. The quality of education becomes a significant cause to this current situation. It seems that every year our country produces more and more excellent students. It is quite difficult to find degree holders with first class honors. Thirdly, the graduate sometimes is very choosy when applying for their job and the employer also very choosy as well. Nowadays, candidates are expecting job offers to come with a package such as a good pay, convenient working location, no shift work, no work beyond 6pm and so on. This scenario makes the unemployment become a serious problem among graduates. Furthermore, the graduates are lack of guidance when apply for the job. While organizing a career fair and sending last but one student for industrial placement is commendable effort, these are just not enough. The economy factor also causes why graduates unemployed. The changing of the economic structure and landscape is a probable cause for the rise in the unemployment. The services sector requires people who do not only possess the right technical knowledge, but also those with the right soft skills such as interpersonal, communication, wisdom, maturity and business

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