Unemployment In Pakistan Essay

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Pakistan is facing many challenges from the lack of access to basic health care services, to poverty, illiteracy, women’s low status, unhygienic water supplies and sanitation and the most important problem Pakistan is facing is unemployment. Pakistan has one of the highest unemployment rate in the world. According to UN Pakistan has approximately 5.8% unemployment rate. The unemployment rate in Pakistan is increasing and due to increasing amount of unemployment many crime takes place, Pakistan has a lot of natural resources but due to poor governance we can’t use them with full potential. You can find many educated people for example doctors, engineers and graduates roaming around for job in Pakistan but couldn’t find a job worth their education. So in persuade of better job they go abroad, and because of this we lose ton lot of talented people to other countries. People of Pakistan are considered highly talented worldwide that’s the reason many best doctors and engineers in abroad are Pakistani. The labor class is also affected by unemployment. The poverty rate is also in peak that’s why you can easily find uneducated and unskilled people in Pakistan. Due to poverty and unemployment people in Pakistan are getting depression and many other psychological disorder and they don’t even know how to treat psychological disorders because of…show more content…
The population is increasing rapidly according to the UN there is about 2.5 percent growth in Pakistan’s population every year. As we now due to the lack of education in the major population those people go to labour and as the government can’t provide many jobs for the uneducated people so in short this leads to increase in unemployment rate. What if we would have more educated people? Then we would come up with new solutions and slow down the population growth

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