Unemployment In The Caribbean Essay

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“Not only our future economic soundness but the very soundness of our democratic institutions depends on the determination of our government to give employment to idle men”- Franklin D. Roosevelt (Roosevelt,1938). The above assertion proposes that unemployment is dependent on the framework of societal institutions and individuals’ ability to gain employment. Unemployment is a complex issue which destabilizes the core of Caribbean society and creates concern. Unemployment occurs in different forms including seasonal unemployment is caused by uncertainty in seasons, frictional by movement in career and structural mostly due to technological advances and reduced demand for goods and services. This research paper highlights the complexity of…show more content…
In proposition of structural explanations functionalist provides plausible arguments for unemployment as a structural problem. Parsons and Durkheim describe society as a set of interconnected institutions essential for society to function. When the latter do not occur dysfunction occurs (Haralambos Holburn 2000). For example, education is dysfunctional where it fails to provide the skills the job market demands. The disjuncture between required skills and graduates degrees widen the unemployment gap and is failure of the education system and not the individual. Barbados, Bahamas and Jamaica are countries where there are high levels of university graduates yet unemployment is still…show more content…
Unemployment is characterised by class, age, gender, systematic and individual explanations. There is no one particular factor that solely captures the reasons for unemployment in the Caribbean. Structural factors and individual factors may both influence unemployment in society at any given point. However, institutional structures and discrepancies have fostered diversity and longevity of unemployment. The implications of the current recession, ineffectiveness of capitalist system, external shocks and disparities in gender opportunities provided superior explanations for unemployment for the high unemployment rate in Caribbean countries today. Coherently, one cannot make a blanket statement alluding full blame to individuals’ inadequacies as the reason for their

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