Unending Torment Vs Annihilationism Essay

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"The body will be full of torment as full as it can hold, and every part of it shall be full of torment. They shall be in extreme pain, every joint of them, every nerve shall be full of inexpressible torment. They shall be tormented even to their fingers’ ends. The whole body shall be full of the wrath of God. Their hearts and bowels and their heads, their eyes and their tongues, their hands and their feet will be filled with the fierceness of God’s wrath. This is taught us in many Scriptures. . . ."Jonathan Edwards. Hell, it is the place or state of punishment of the wicked after death. This paper is concerning hell and the different theories on it. Specifically unending torment vs. annihilationism. Unending torment being the the idea that hell is a place infinite suffering. Whereas annihilationism is the belief that condemned unbelievers will be annihilated, or destroyed after death, instead of spending an eternity…show more content…
But then there is the argument for annihilationism, a theory that until I began researching for my paper I was completely unfamiliar with. But know that I know about it I am fascinated. It is a more pleasant theory than unending torment, instead of a disembodied soul suffering for all of eternity it is just destroyed. In a sense it is like putting it out of its misery, a mercy killing. When you think about the people you know and love who do not have a relationship with God I think it is natural to wish for annihilationism rather than the alternative. But once again this is me approaching this with my emotions rather than rational. While examining the scripture used to back up this theory I had a tough time, it did not line up quite as easy. Personally it felt like you had to do a dance through scripture to make it work. I would read one verse then have to flip to a different book and use another verse to be able to conclude it was annihilationism. While it is possible that this theory is correct I do not think it is. But it is worthy of
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