Unequal Pay Inequality

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Women in Australia are also faced with inequality in the workplace, particularly regarding unequal pay. Although the principle of equal pay was granted to women in 1969, full-time working women continue to suffer an apparent decreased wage in comparison to men, with the average gender pay gap at 2015 being 24% or $27 254 per year . As instigated by Fair Work Australia, gender pay equity is when ‘men and women receive equal pay for work of equal or comparable value,’ ideally meaning that employers should ensure uniform pay for equal work. However, this inequality continues to impact women. The discrimination inflicted upon women can be attributed to a number of factors, however primarily to the continued societal stereotypes governing the role of women and how they are expected to engage in the workplace. Sadly, this discrimination imposed by society and workplaces institutes a lesser pay for women, thus resulting in fewer women performing management or executive roles, as well as full-time employment overall.
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