Unequal Treatment In Health Care Essay

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The inadequacies do not end with doctors and hospitals. This study also analyzed data from a survey indicating that LGBT people are more likely to face unequal treatment in both emergency rooms and in ambulances–two places where being denied service could end your life. Around 13% of participants reported discrimination in the emergency room, and 5% reported it in ambulances (Kattari et al., 2015). Transgenders unfortunately still face high levels of unequal treatment when seeking medical or psychological help outside of the main health care system. The possibility of being denied service when in such a dire state is terrifying and life threatening, and needs to be demolished before more people’s lives are put at risk. When accessing rape crisis or domestic violence centers, over half of the males transitioning to females in one study reported unequal treatment (Seelman, 2015). Total, the reported discrimination within these facilities was only 6%, but with a sample size of nearly 5000, this means around 300 people were subjected to unequal treatment within a year that the survey was taken (Seelman, 2015). Even though levels of discrimination are lower in these settings, its mere presence at all is especially horrifying when considering that people seeking refuge there are at an extremely…show more content…
This can be true, but still the number of times they are effective is much more than what people in the transgender community have: absolutely nothing. This is especially problematic when looking at health care, a critical part of the transition process in lieu of the abundance of biological changes going on, but also due to the mental strain of changing sex. The fact that they might not receive the help they need in both of these areas is absolutely

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