Unethical Advertising

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Introduction: I would like to discuss the unethical advertising which corresponds directly to the business ethics. I am taking the case of multinational noodle and soup brand in India as the recent FDA inspection led to a discovery of more than permissible limit (7% of MSG is permissible) of MSG (Mono Sodium Glutamate). I chose this story to portray how the media advertising turning into manipulative, coercive and persuasive. These make people believe in their product and the results were major malnutrition among kids and adults in India.
Background information: As it is mentioned earlier in the introduction, I would like to take this unethical act of a multinational fast consumer goods noodle company in India which was doing false advertising to up their market share. I choose this unethical advertising as this ads influence our daily lives in more than one ways especially into the fast moving consumer goods sector which is a part of our daily routine. Because of consuming this products not only adults but a lot of new born kids are facing malnutrition. India is having one of the highest malnutrition rate in the world now. This noodle company’s food is widely consumed throughout India. In 2014 alone India consumed about 5340 million cups of noodle. All the adverts which portray these noodles and soups as healthy are not healthy at all. For the past few years the mortality rate has been also increasing due to cast consumption of processed food. I felt it was very

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