Unethical Aspects In Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451

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“I’m not thinking. I’m just doing like I’m told, like always” (qtd. in 88). When Guy Montag, the main character, says he is becoming aware that in this so called perfect society the government is controlling their minds, he realizes that it is causing them to not have individual feelings and become adherent to the government and all the idiotic rules that they have. In Ray Bradbury’s novel Fahrenheit 451, he makes many predictions that are applicable today. Some of these predictions are negatively impacting society, which is creating many problems for the people who do not want to follow what the government is enforcing. In the novel the people think that their TV’s are their family, they do not have the capacity to think and judge the rules…show more content…
An example of when this happened was in the beginning of the book when Montag woke up and realized that, “She had both ears plugged with electronic bees that were humming the hour away” (16). When Guy sees Mildred, his wife, completely involved in her technology, he is figuring out that technology is so important in his society and that people are inattentive and they are oblivious to the world around them. Montag walked in the room and his wife didn’t even take out the seashell radio to hear him talk to her, and she used her lip reading skills to see what he was saying instead of listening to what he had to say to her. This shows that some people are so dependant on technology that they cannot even have a conversation with their own husband or wife. This relates to our society because some people can not have a simple conversation because they are too invested in their technology or they never learned how to hold a simple conversation with an adult or with someone their own age. Nowadays we have earbuds, which is what Bradbury was trying to predict about the seashell radios and the traveling ear and how they are leading to mind control of people when it is constantly feeding information into their ears. Presently people are always craving some action or always feel the…show more content…
All throughout this story, Bradbury gives many examples of this happening and one of those times was when Montag was talking to Faber about the men that were mobilized for war and he says, “I’m not thinking. I’m just doing like I’m told, like always” (qtd. in 88). When Montag and Faber are talking about this, Montag realizes that before he met Clarisse, who made him step back and think about things, that most of the people in his world will do whatever they are told because in this utopian society the government have to tell them what to do so then they do not have time to think about other things. This relates to our world today because some people are constantly getting influenced by things in their society just like North Korea, how everyone is constantly being told what to believe and being continuously watched and listened in on to make sure they are not saying things that will make someone in the country unhappy or make the leaders look bad. In this story the character Clarisse makes people realize they are living a life that they do not like, which is just what happened when Clarisse told Montag that he wasn’t happy then he realized that, “ He was not happy. He was not happy. He said the words to himself. He recognised this as the true state of affairs” (9). When Guy realizes this he notices that what he thought
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