Unethical Human Research

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The Ethical Use of Unethical Human Research Medical research is conducted to aid and support the development of knowledge in the field of medicine. It provides us the opportunity to answer the unanswered questions in order to improve human health. Indeed, in order to make a progress in human health it is essential to conduct research with human subjects. Properly controlled studies with human subjects are essential to verify any conclusions about normal physiology, mechanisms of disease, effectiveness of treatment, learning, or behavior. Unfortunately, not all human studies have been justifiable and useful. Human cruelty can be perpetrated in the name of research. In such an unethical human experimentation, there is a violation of the principles of medical ethics. Some of the known examples are Nazi Human Experimentation during World War II in Germany (1), the human experimentation conducted by Chester M. Southam(2), and the experiments of Josef Mengele(3). So, can data obtained through unethical research methods be used for ethical and beneficial results? Although there is evidence that records from some of those experiments could be beneficial and could save lives today, the use of the data produced by those unethical human research poses an ethical dilemma. The ethical issues associated with using the data are enormous including (1) There were violation against human subject rights, for example, recruitment of participants was not voluntary and without an informed
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