Unethical Use Of Stereotypes In Advertising

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In the Metro and Moms Demand Action advertisement, there is an unethical use of stereotypes, fallacies, and figures of speech but, the color was used ethically. A duckling is trying to get out of an oil spill. A pair of hands grab the duckling. The next scene is of a cabinet filled with Dawn soap. A woman with a wildlife volunteer shirt grabs a bottle and mixes the soap with water. The woman places the duckling in the e water and starts getting oil off the duckling after the duckling is cleaned off, the last scene is of volunteer releasing animals into a cleaned-up environment. This commercial is targeted toward consumers who care about animals and wants to help improve their environment. In “Color meaning the author shows how color is used to represent how companies want consumers to react to the ad, however, in “Fallacies” the author explains different ways a company might try to reach consumers Within both ads there are a few unethical stereotypes. In the “Stereotype” handout authors explain how stereotypes affect cultures, as wells as, how stereotypes can be incorrect. Stereotypes in both ads were used negatively and are unethical. One of the first stereotypes in the Metro ad was based on age. The ad seemed to focus on how many younger generations do not seem to be concern about safety. On the torso of the man it says, “skate the platform edge on a bet”. That quote is directed to the younger generation because, an older generation is not known for skating around or even
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