Unfair Domination In Nervous Conditions Written By Tsitsi Dangarembga

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The analysis of unfair domination in the coming of age novel ‘Nervous Conditions’ written by Tsitsi Dangarembga, is based in 1960’s Rhodesia. The novel has a clear message of not only the struggle that African people had to endure as a result of the colonization of the British Empire but also the struggle of unfair domination. The novel perfectly paints the unfair picture of the lives of the black community under a time of the white colonial rule. The dates in the novel indicate a bitter time period of white hostility to black liberation. The focus of this essay will be based on a male and female character from the novel who have suffered at the hands of unfair domination and how they attempt to deal with this. Patriarchy is one of the most important themes in Tsitsi Dangarembga’s novels and the focus will be on discussing how these characters attempt to deal with the unfair fate of domination. These characters will be discussed making reference to certain issues that results in the ways they attempt to deal with certain issues of unfair domination. The characters focused on in the essay will be Mr Matimba a teacher and Maiguru the wife of the respected Babamakuru a well-educated man. On the very first page of the novel we are introduced to unfair domination. The story is told by the first person narrator which assists in drawing in the reader and making a connection between the writer and the reader. The time period in which the novel is written is in the 1960’s when
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