Examples Of Unfairness In Court Cases

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Ximena Sorcia
Mrs. Smith
English Honors
11 March 2016
Unfairness in our court cases
There is many injustices in this world, but nothing compares it to killing innocent people just because of their race. Authorities must enforce “the public codes…[to] individuals” in criminal cases (advertisement). The moral thing to do in criminal cases is to “bring... charges against the person alleged to have committed [a] crime”with evidence to prove that he/she either did or did not enacted a crime (advertisement). However in the trial of the scottsboro boys and the murder of emmett till, this was not offered. Therefore there is no such thing as a fair trial, since during the Jim Crow era, many african american didn’t receive justice.
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Emmett was only a 14 year old boy, that had this whole life ahead of him, but died in a unconsiderate way in 1955. Till had gone to the market to buy a refreshment after working in an excessively, hot day. Their is where he “either whistled at, flirted with or touched the hand of [a]...white female”(source 8), “unaware that he had broken a time honored Jim Crow law”(source 2). He was just doing what any other boy his age did, try to be a lady’s man. Roy Bryant and J.W Milam abducted Till from his house. “Then [they] beat the teenager brutally”(source 8), they hanged a 75 pound fan on his neck, his eye dangling, and he had a bult hole in his head with a flattened nose. Even if the boy did something wrong this is not the way to solve a problem. Some boys were fishing and they saw Till feet sticking out of the water. “His face was…show more content…
In the Scottsboro case “the sheriff sent the women to two local doctors for medical examination”, the doctors disprove that the rape ever happen. Even if the professional opinion was in favor of the men's the judge did not accept the fact that the mens did not do it. In the trial of Emmett Till, the killers told the LOOK magazine the complete story “of how they kidnapped and killed emmett till”. They said that the kid did whistled at the white women and for that reason they abducted and kill him. This is how they started explaining that what they did was

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