Unfavorable Attachment Styles Essay

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As mentioned previously, unfavorable attachment styles explain the nature of how problems develop. Not having built positive relationships with caregivers can cause individuals to struggle making and keeping relationships. The individual may also struggle with the self; they may lack relationships with themselves causing them to feel bad about themselves. In order for change to occur the individual must learn how to build positive relationships with others and his/her self. He/she must also realize their negative repetitive actions. Finally the client needs to speak on his or her behaviors.
As can be seen in the case, the 16 year old has no connection with his father; last anyone heard from the father was when the child was 8. The fact that his father left and has no communication leads me to believe that the father didn’t have a secure attachment to his son, as he would leave and not stay in touch
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In order to help the adolescent client I would intervene by having the adolescent tell me about the kinds of relationships he has with his family members and others around him. I would need to explore why he has stopped going to school, I would need to explore how he feels about his father no longer in his life, I would need to explore how he feels about himself and finally I would need to explore why he is distancing himself from home. I understand that my client needs to be in attendance at school, and that my client needs to live in a safe peaceful home for his own sake and for the sake of his immediate family. Seeking all this information will help me in my intervention, as I will be able to know what my client’s goals are and so I can intervene in a way that’s meaningful and will show my client how to build positive relationships and alter his/her current relationships to make them

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