Unfeminine Pursuits In Macbeth

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Despite that a single woman ruled England at the time of William Shakespeare, the Elizabethan society was still much patriarchal. Hence, it leads to the society being “Unfeminine Pursuits”. Based upon the historical context where Shakespeare had written Othello, Hamlet, and Macbeth, as female characters are portrayed as subservient and unimportant as a whole while confronting the societal constraints. Since, Renaissance society did not traditionally value the freedom of women, although the ruling of this society was running by the “independent” women. As this society always portrayed the ideal woman who is beautiful and obedient while retaining her strength and independence. Still, Shakespeare is not widely viewed as a feminist by neither…show more content…
All of these male characters take actions which are beyond what is acceptable within their social roles as women. The conflict can be driven by involving in the politics of gender, which are t power relation between the sexes and the relative role of each quality symbolically associated with each gender. Women often were considered the weaker sex and in need always of being protected. When married, women were expected to bear children, for childbearing was considered an honor. As head of the household, the husband was allowed to chastise his bigger goal for his country as well as his family. Mere triumph or victory is not their main concern; they are not driven by a lust for power as is Shakespeare 's Macbeth. This need to focus on female characters and the interest in the lack of "glory roles" for women. The dearth of powerful women accounts for the general need among feminist critics to compensate for the existence of "A weak" female roles and the need to "catch up" to men in terms of the importance of the roles women play. Ophelia by inventing woman within Hamlet whom he should listen to but does not so that his tragedy shows the same thematic lesson. In Elizabethan times, a young girl’s aims were to get married at a young age. Hence Shakespeare transforms Desdemona character, from at first appearance, a spoiled rich woman with intelligent, self-reliant female. She was caught within the confines of her father 's wishes not to do what he does not want her to between her true love and feeling. In which lead to women’s rights, especially when it came to choosing a mate were minimal during the Elizabethan period. Marriages for women tended to be arranged or not allowed before, during and after the 16th century. One might wonder what rights women did have, about marriage and how could they be seen in the play, Othello and Desdemona are was caused by the. Although women meant to be the backbone of any men and family but, simply because they are faithful and
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