Unfolding Case Study In Nursing

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Use of online education is rapidly increasing in various spheres, such as theology and medicine (Hockridge 2013; Holland et al. 2013). Medical colleges and universities have also started using online resources in the nurses` education. Nurses` studying is mostly short-term, while their role in hospitals is significant; whereas, online study can give additional knowledge and experience. For example, Johns Hopkins School of Nursing (2014) offers to their students online programs for Masters in Health Systems Management. Also, students from Harvard School of Public Health (2014) can get Masters of Public Health in Epidemiology via the Internet. In this review it will be stated that online education for nurses can be perceived as a professional…show more content…
Yousey (2013) published the example of such research. The author found that “unfolding case study” in online nursing education could be useful strategy to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills. In the experiment, future nurses had to develop case study using online resources and autonomous learning. Case study is the small-scale research orientated on one disease in order to find the most feasible way to cure it for a particular person (Yousey 2013, 23). Firstly, medical students chose any chronic disease and created a plan for their case study. Secondly, they found more information about the patient, such as financial issues, family coping, and other health problems. Finally, participants finished the recovery of the patient and completed the survey about their experiences during the online case study (Yousey 2013, 24). According to the results, all undergraduate nurses completed the course with medium and high marks, and in the survey they stated that they have gained more knowledge and experience in constructing unfolding case studies (Yousey 2013, 26-27). The future nurses commented that their abilities to sort useful data from the large amounts of information became better (Yousey 2013, 27). The author concluded that unfolding case studies can be constructed using online environment and they are beneficial for future…show more content…
Firstly, it can be seen that there is the prevalence of research about online teaching for nurses from the first article. Aiming to show the popularity of research about online education for nurses, Holland et al. (2013, 668) cited several academic sources that have researched similar area. For example, Latter et al. (2000), Hemingway et al. (2011), and Dyjur et.al (2011) wrote articles about nurses’ education and use of Internet recourses for improving it. Secondly, from both articles it can be derived that participants who used Internet had more improvements in their nursing skills. Students developed their case study abilities, problem solving skills, and critical thinking. The grades of students who watched online video were higher (Holland et al. 2013, 666; Yousey 2013, 26-27). Finally, from the second article the significance of online education in other research can be seen. Yousey used online study to demonstrate the importance of unfolding case study (2013). This fact shows that online education can be considered as the useful tool in academic

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