Unforgettable Black World History Analysis

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Unforgettable black world history In Kaltura Test film, producer present the vivid views that how Africans resisted their enslavement during the slave trade, and how cruelly Africans been treat under the institution of slavery. This is the first time that I seriously face the slave history, I can never imagine living in the hell like that. In this film, people can be influenced by those emotion, audiences can feel angry, said, and despair during watching. If I were one of those slaves, I must be shivering in the fear, groaning painfully. So I tried to look deeper into that history, I tried to know what did those slaves experience and to have a deepened knowledge of the slave trade. Slavery was a universal phenomenon in history, and the…show more content…
Before the abolition of slavery in 1888, “Slave traders took as many as 12 million Africans by force to work on the plantations in South America, the Caribbean and North America. About 13 percent of slaves (1.5 million) died during the Middle Passage--the trip by boat from Africa to the New World. The African slave trade--involving African slave merchants, European slavers and New World planters in the traffic in human cargo--represented the greatest forced population transfer ever.”( Lance Selfa) If you ask me, “Who is chief culprit of this inhuman and brutal history?” I would say, “They were Arabian, European, and Africans.” The most incredible thing from this video stuck in my mind is that some of the Africans were part of trading their countrymen, and benefit from slave trade at that time. Black people were involved in capturing their countrymen and selling them to the slave market. When English decided to abolish the slavery, some African chief actually against it in public, because they were making profit on slave trade. In that salve system, one of the basic rules is that Europeans were only in charge of transportation. However, there is no doubt that Arabian and European played significant role in that darkest history, they must be responsible for that tragic. So eventually I cannot say exactly whose fault it is in slave trade, I have to say…show more content…
Except rebellion, which is the bloodiest way to resist their enslavement, stealing form their owners, robbing their owners’ property and profit and damaging machinery are the less obvious way to resistant. But all of these resistance acts carried the potential risk to be punished, or killed if their master found out, and these acts were mostly what did male slaves did. In female slaves’ world, slave women “would terminate a pregnancy or even kill their new-born babies rather than bring a child into the world to be a slave,” (Slave Resistance) because the child of a female slave would be born as a slave. Due to knowledge of medicines, poisoning their master’s food was commonly what female slaves did to against their owners. Arson and murder were also happened in many enslaved African women’s resistance. Another very common method of resistance was to run away. Once slaves had been hunted down, they would have to face the miserable punishment. In some case, if their owner didn’t capture them, their owner would public the runaway advertisement on newspaper with reward. In the film, the slave owner captured the slaves who tried to runaway; the way he used to punish his slaves was forcing other slaves to whip those runaways hardly. However, in my opinion, the most significant way of fighting was culture resistance. “Enslaved Africans
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