Unforgettable Experience In Life

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Have you ever had an unforgettable experience? My story begins when my parents woke my three siblings and me at 5:00 A.M. and announced that we were going on a road trip to Marble Forest. Half-conscious, I only heard the words road trip, Marble Forest, and Fountain of Youth. My parents love adventure and can’t resist challenges. They enjoy reading urban legends and myths. In my opinion, urban legends and myths are just fictional stories of the past. As soon as I heard my parents say, “Pack some clothes, bug spray, sunscreen, and a flashlight! We’ve found a map that leads directly to the Fountain of Youth,” I knew they weren’t kidding. They’ve been trying to find that fountain for months; they’ve searched every article on the Internet that relates to it. In less than forty-five minutes, we frantically packed up our necessities and were all ready to go. The trip to Marble Forest took eight hours, so to pass time, I read a book called The House of the Scorpion by Nancy Farmer. I am not much of a reader, but this book blew me away. I was so engrossed with the book, I just had to finish it. Just when I reached the last chapter, I heard my parents call my name. We finally…show more content…
Chatting with Claire, my mother told her all about the Fountain of Youth and her discovery of the map. Afterwards, Claire helped my father with the bags. As my father was just about to invite her in for some tea and cookies, Claire hurriedly walked out the door and said that she had some work to complete. While my parents unpacked and my siblings fought for the rooms, I took a good look around. The interior of the cabin wasn’t so bad, but it definitely needed some refurbishing and remodeling. There was a cold draft inside the cabin, and the whole place looked ominous. Exhausted from the car ride, my whole family decided it would be best to start the search for the fountain tomorrow and fell sound

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