Waiting For One Day Analysis

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Libra: The simple things like innocence will take you thought the day. No matter what the situation go back to this childlike energy and ground yourself in it. Live today with the wonder of a baby. Scorpio: To handle a delicate situation you don’t have to create havoc in your life. All you have to know is what you want at the end and how you will achieve it will come automatically. Sagittarius: The mind is playing the fool with you today. It is playing the overloaded mode and waiting for you to fall prey to the chaos it can create. Who will win today? You or mind? Capricorn: Explosion is the energy of your day. Now you can choose to make it creative or destructive. Whatever way you choose to take it, remember, you are going to have to handle…show more content…
Make an effort and know that it will pay off. Today, the past is just holding you back and making everything else seem impossible. But… is it real? Cancer: The energy around you is very healing today. It is encouraging you to look into self-healing and getting in sync with the natural balance of things. It’s a calm and peaceful day for you Cancer. Leo: You are ready! Everything around you is ready. What are you waiting for? Take the step you have been contemplating and make the most of today! Don’t let doubt stop you from picking the fruit. Virgo: Today your creativity blossoms and you can make the most of it. It looks like you will be ready with many ideas that you have not touched upon yet. The night is thinking time, Virgo. Libra: Are you sure you are not projecting your feelings on another? May be you are still not aware of what you are actually thinking. Stop. Come out of the state you are, presently, check within. Scorpio: Things that look completely different are now beginning to come together as one. A new thought process and vision are becoming available to you. Ease yourself into it. This is magic. Yield its best, Scorpio! Sagittarius: The gates are open and you are welcome inside. Find out what is making you feel like
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